Marcus Paladino Photography

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I know what you’re thinking: “Who the hell is Marcus Paladino?”

Well, he’s your cold water king of surf photography. Through neoprene stiff fingers and frozen eyelids, Marcus is dedicated to capturing high performance surfing on the west coast of Canada. He lives above 1/800th of a second, but also isn’t afraid to slow things down. It’s sex, drugs and rock & roll, but also it’s smooth jazz and a cup of tea. A habitual homebody itching to get out of his comfort zone. 

Surfing is the reason he wakes up in the morning.

But he isn’t what matters. The endeavour of marathon shoots in bone chilling and heart pounding conditions is irrelevant. What’s important to him lies in front of the lens. The split second moments that most people don’t even know exist; capturing them forever instead of letting them pass by.


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Too often photos in cold water destinations depend on the mountains, the snow and the wildlife to make the shot work, however, Marcus is never content to rely on them. There are good waves on the west coast of Canada, but Marcus knows there are also some damn good surfers. Probably spending more time in the water than most surfers in Canada would be comfortable with, he’s intent on showcasing the high performance surfing that continues to be pushed north of the 49th parallel. The hard work that is required to focus on performance surfing has made Marcus one of the desired photographers pros look to work with in Canada. As the tides, wind and swell are difficult to line up, surfers love having a dependable photographer around who’s always keen for a mission with no guarantees.
— Garrett Holt